New Beginnings

I think it’s safe to say that one of the most important things in a musician’s life is to have the opportunity to share their gifts, talents, and abilities with an audience. You can be the most talented person in the world but if no one ever witnesses that talent there is only so far you can go.

That said, over the past couple months I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to share my positive message with college students from the country. Not only that, but I’ve had the chance to listen to some of their stories, learn what they’re interested in, and see what they’re motivated by. All of which are things that I can use to help me stay relevant in an ever changing industry.  I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to perform at some of their schools in the future but even if not, I hope that I inspired at least one person to “Be A Light” in their respective fields, communities, and schools. #LightWork

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